Living Paycheck to Paycheck Sucks

  • I know this because this used to define our lives.⠀

    My husband would go off to work every day in his high stress job for 50+ hours a week and make “good money,” just to get paid at the end of the month and watch all of it go to bills and debt payments. It was demoralizing. It sucked.

    I would have to work nights as a nurse just so we could have some extra spending money for our 4 children. Nights and weekends. It paid ok, but I hated it! Have you ever felt stuck in a job you hated? ⠀

    No family vacations, frequently overdrafting our bank accounts, trying to cut our food budget but constantly failing, fighting over the budget (or just plain avoiding it together), couponing, no savings, giving very little, paying over $2000 a month to our 6 figures worth of student loan debt, wondering if this would *ever end.* Does ANY of this sound familiar?⠀

    We lived that way for almost 12 years and I know I’m not the only one that has been down that road. I know many of you are still on it.⠀

    I invite you to get off that road and onto a better and brighter path filled with financial freedom, less stress, more family time, more giving.

    I’ve done it and so can you. We paid off $130k worth of debt in 19 months. I made 6 figures last year working solely from my $300 laptop from Walmart WITHOUT a business degree and WITHOUT help from anyone else, outside of a few helpful Facebook groups. ⠀

    I was ambitious, driven, and determined to make it work… and I did because I was NOT going back to a “job.” Yeah, sometimes I worked into the night while my kids slept. And other times I took month long breaks and still made $7k that month.

    Repeat with me: NO MORE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK.⠀
  • Now my goal is to help other ambitious and driven women get out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Because it is a lifestyle…. if you allow it to be.⠀

    I want working moms to be able to stay home with their children and homeschool if they want, while building their online businesses during nap time or after the kiddos are in bed.⠀

    I want women to be able to retire their husbands — that’s right — because they’re making so much darn money in 25 hrs a week, on their OWN schedule, that their hubbies don’t have to work back breaking and unfulfilling jobs they hate that keep them away from their families 50+ hours every week.⠀

    I want you to get out of debt quickly so you can start saving your money and have the ability to give freely to your church and favorite charitable organizations. Or be one of those cool people that just pays for others’ groceries out of the kindness of their own heart… because they CAN. (Who else wants to be able to do that?)

    Most of all, I want to show them how to build an online business they LOVE so they can achieve their own personal and financial goals, have their own “thing” that gives them a sense of enjoyment and pride, and that is truly built on HELPING OTHER PEOPLE.⠀

    Anyone have a problem with that??
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  • Click on SERVICES at the top to see how I can help you stop living paycheck to paycheck and start creating the life of your dreams.⠀


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