How to Start a Business and Change People’s Lives


You may be looking to start an online business to make more income, or to be able to replace your income so you can get out of your soul-sucking job… whatever it is.

Very briefly I’m going to explain why service-based businesses are a great way to go if you are actively searching for ways to make income online.

Which kind of service-based businesses am I talking about? Namely coaching, consulting, or course creator. (There are other businesses that are service-based such as VA and freelancing, however, it’s very easy to work yourself into another job and that’s not what most of you want, I don’t think.)

They are great because they are built around YOUR own expertise, skill set, passions, or what many call, your Genius Zone.

Now, this can be literally anything, even if you’re good at encouraging others and helping them feel confident about themselves, there is a market for that. People want to be able to thrive in their lives in many ways, and you can help them do that.

So once you figure out what you’re good at and love to do, you build an audience or community full of people who you either deeply connect with, or people who need to learn from your Genius Zone.

You ask them what they truly need support or help with in their lives, and then offer it to them with your Irresistible offers. This can look like 1:1 coaching, group coaching, paid masterclasses, month-long boot camps, mini-courses, or even things you create, like templates, ebooks, audio trainings, etc.

But because all of these things are coming from YOU and what you know, it’s fun and easy to show up for its audience because as you get to know them, you know exactly what they want, you can make great money. 😎

People are willing to pay to get answers, support, guidance, your Secret Sauce, strategy, knowledge, or learn from your skills or passions that you’ve spent years learning to perfect, whether naturally or intentionally.

Why? Because they’d rather pay you and get that quick result instead of trying to figure it all out themselves.

Plus, many people will just fall in love with YOU because of who YOU are… because you actively show up for them and are consistent in serving them and bringing value. We all crave connection and there are people out there who will love you for exactly who you are, imperfectly messy and all.

There is a coach I follow and pay for all her programs, simply because I love being around her contagious and inspiring energy because I pick up on it and it helps me in my own confidence in my business and life.

Do these kinds of businesses take you getting out from behind the computer and being visible? Yes, they do. But that’s how people’s lives are going to change and how you will impact Your People, isn’t that what you feel called to do?

People are ready and willing to connect with YOU because they know you can help them with their big problems… whether that’s with their health, fitness, mindset, confidence, business, marriage, parenting, art, music, finances, chronic illness, career, dogs, faith, relationships, Etsy shop, or whatever it is you’re just really good at and love doing.

I have a coach and will probably always have one because it’s been so beneficial to my confidence, my income, my mindset, and life overall.

What is something YOU can offer people? Think it over and if you need help, comment below.

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