How to find your target audience on Facebook?

I get asked this a lot because it’s something that people really struggle with so I’d like to address it today.

What you need to do before you start asking where your target audience is hanging out is get incredibly clear on your target audience.

Now, you may THINK you have your target audience in mind, but you may not be as clear as you hope you are….

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you are a new health coach and you want to help people get health.

What kind of health coach? “Health” is your industry, but what is your market? Your niche? Do you help people with fitness (what kind of fitness)? Losing weight? Diet for health reasons? Gluten-free diets? Keto? Running marathons? Positive mindset? What is YOUR Genius Zone within health that you know without a doubt you can help people get the results they want?

Which people? So let’s say you’ve narrowed it down to a specific niche — running marathons. You’ve run marathons yourself, fitness is important to you, and you want to help “people” run marathons. Think about these people who want to run marathons… Which part of the journey are they currently on? Are they complete exercise newbies and need a kickstart on running first? Are they experienced runners but just need personalized training and support to run their first marathon? Or maybe you want to help people who’ve run several marathons, but now they want to increase their speed and time?

Now you decide that you are a Running Coach who helps runners train for and run their first marathon.

So you see how being very specific in your niche will affect your content, strategy, and marketing… and thus make it easier to figure out where those specific people are hanging out.

You’d want to go into marathon running groups, find marathon coaches and hang out in their groups (or on their feed), running groups, authors, influencers in this niche, etc….

Not all runners. Not people who aren’t even off the couch yet. Only people who WANT to learn how to run marathons.

Add them as a friend and to your Special Friend List.

Create magnetic content speaking to these specific people and believe me, they will listen… IF they are your perfect people.Β πŸ™‚

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