How to Earn More Money Than Any College Grad

I don’t have any skills to make money and I don’t have any true passions or expertise. I never went to college. What do I do?

You want my advice?

Learn how to drive traffic to other businesses.

You do that and you’ll be able to make more money than you could ever dream of and write your own ticket. And I’m not talking about making an extra $500 a month in a silly side hustle. I’m talking about selling $10k a piece week long mastermind classes to people who NEED you to help them make more money in their businesses.

How do you learn to drive traffic for other businesses?

Here’s just one way:

Pick a social media platform. Let me rephrase: Pick ONE social media platform. Not ALL of them. Ideally, pick a platform where you Ideal Client is going to find his or her Ideal Clients.

Learn that platform from a marketing perspective. I’m going with Instagram for this example but there’s Facebook, Tik Tok (gonna be huge from what I hear), Pinterest, Twitter. Learn how other businesses are already using these platforms successfully to market themselves. Or just recognize and take notes on what works for you in an ad or a business Instagram account. What captures your attention? What draws you in? Nicely written words, pretty pictures, a style, a coupon? What is it?

Businesses want to be where there are large amounts of *their* people.

Pick a platform where your client’s ideal client is hanging out.

For example, your dad was a dentist so you think you’d like to learn how to make dentists more money using Instagram. Your job is to learn how to help them do just that.

Don’t know how to look at a social media platform from a marketing point of view and need an education more valuable than any college can give you?

Go find Instagram Growth Strategists that are already 10 steps ahead of you. Be coached by them to learn their secrets. Can’t afford their courses? That’s ok. Go sign up to all their email lists (and save all the emails they will send you over the next few months in a special folder), download all their freebies, watch all their YouTube videos, join their FB groups and watch all their lives & go through their free boot camps, follow all their social media accounts, save all their sales pages, read all their blog posts, watch how they pitch their services. And if you can afford it, TAKE THEIR COURSES.

Study them. Copy them. (Well, you know what I mean!) Study the people they are coaching. They are getting their clients results. How? Can you pick out their secret sauce?

TAKE NOTES. Learn all about bios, hashtags, Insta style, stories, keywords, DMs, IGTV, photo grids, content creation, lead generation on IG, etc, until it makes you sick and your husband tells you to shut up talking about Insta all darn day.Β πŸ˜‚

These amazing Insta Bosses will all do their thing in their own unique way, and that’s the beauty of it all. Pick the best parts of the best teachers and you can have THE BEST service to offer YOUR future clients in the end. If you combine several of the Instagram Guru’s strategies, you can make your own Ultimate Insta Growth Strategy that is unique to you and your personality.

Now market yourself to dentists who have either no Instagram profile or a really bad one. Tell them that you know EXACTLY how to get them amazing clients by giving them your Ultimate Insta Growth Strategy, giving their IG a makeover, and teaching them how to position themselves to show their value. Tell them that investing in your will earn them so much money they won’t know what to do with it all. (As if anyone has ever had that problem, right?)

You do this all of this?

You’ll be an Instagram Boss in no time slidin’ into DMs and naming your own price, forever and ever, amen.

And that, ladies?

That is how it’s done. 😎😎😎

Bonus Tip: Once you’ve become an Instagram Queen, turn around, become a coach, and teach others how to do it.Β 

Now of course this just one example of many when it comes to making other businesses money. What are you good at? How can you give businesses what they want?

Want to learn more about this and other ways I can help you discover your passions and start using them to earn profits? Schedule a quick 20 min call with me by clicking here.


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