Who is Hilary Hill?

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Hilary Hill and I am married, have 4 great kids, and live in sunny Central Florida (at the moment). I also happen to have a side hustle turned full-time income business that has allowed me to continue to be a stay at home homeschooling mom to my kiddos.

It wasn’t so long ago that this wasn’t so.

I actually used to be a Registered Nurse and worked for 5 years in the medical/surgical field. I discovered, however, that the nursing life wasn’t for me so I quit when I was pregnant with my fourth baby (sooo sick) and we struggled for quite a bit with finances. For 10 years my husband and I struggled with debt. $130k of student loan debt.

Yeah, it was a mountain that seemed impossible to conquer but finally last year in April 2019, we were able to pay ALL of it off…. Mostly using my successful online business that I built up from scratch.

Now my passion in life is to help other women find ways to harness the power of the Internet and create their own highly profitable online coaching businesses so they can find financial freedom and peace, and also impact massive change on other people’s lives.

If you are a struggling mom who wants to help make ends meet in your household….

If you are a working mom who is tired of the 8 to 5 grind every day, thinking there has to be more to life than this….

If you are being bombarded by MLMs and think that’s the only real way to make money online, even though you hate bombarding your friends and family….

Then follow me. Check out my articles. And share if you think I can help someone else. I hope to see you around. πŸ™‚


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