7 Ways to Make Money While Stuck at Home

Since the COVID-19 virus has taken us by storm, forcing many of us to work from home or stop working altogether, I thought I’d whip up a list on a few ways you could start earning money at home. This is, of course, not an exhaustive list but it should get you started in the right direction!

  • VIP Kid — I’m sure many of you have heard about VIP Kid but it is still one of the most popular ways for people to make money online. With VIP Kid you do need a college degree and any kind of teaching experience (including homeschooling) but what you are doing is teaching English to kids in China. It pays pretty well, around $22/hr from what I can tell, but the biggest con would probably be the schedule you would have to be on. If you are in the USA, your classes will be anywhere from 4am to 8am, so that is prohibitive to many people. PalFish is another platform that allows you to teach English to children in China.
  • eBay — Reselling is a great and potentially lucrative way to earn money. Just order a few poly bags or boxes (from eBay) to ship your items in, then list and wait for sales. You can sell all sorts of things on eBay: shirts, shoes, books, toys… Pretty much anything is for sell on there! Just don’t list things like toilet paper or hand sanitizer for exorbitant prices or you could get banned! Poshmark is another app/site that allows you to sell your clothes, shoes, and handbags!
  • Create an online mini-course — You have a lot of free time right now, why not make an online mini-course in your area of expertise? You can teach a course on pretty much anything. Online courses are expected to go from $150 billion a year in sales to over $300 billion dollars in the next 5 years! If you’re an artist, create a course for other people learning art, or teach other artists how to run a brick and mortar store. If you’ve been through a divorce, create a course on how to get through divorce in a strong and healthy way. Really good at Instagram marketing or growth? Create a mini-course about that! Teachable is a great platform to get started with in course creation.
  • Create a blog or YouTube channel — I know what you might be thinking, these platforms are so saturated, right? But you’d be wrong. Now is the best time to start a blog or a YouTube channel, especially if you have a special expertise in something. But even if you don’t, just look on YouTube and see what kind of content is already getting views. Channels having to do with business, finances, or relationships always do well! You could also start a review blog or YouTube channel by reviewing items you have around your house that you like (or don’t like), or even software or online programs that you like. Leave an affiliate link in the description and you can earn money every time someone signs up through your link!
  • UberEats, Door Dash, or GrubHub — These are the top food delivery services, and since many governments are banning groups larger than 10 people in many areas, including restaurants, food delivery demand is going to skyrocket! Now is the best time to cash in!
  • Learn a new online skill — There are so many ways you can become a freelancer online. Copywriting, social media management, SEO, website design, graphic design, bookkeeping, virtual assistance are all in high demand as our world becomes more and more digital. The more skills like this that you have, the more marketable you are. Then go on Fiverr or Upwork and make a profile and hire yourself out!
  • Start a digital agency — Now this is a more long term business but it has the potential for high income if done correctly. The idea is simple — create an online business, find clients, and then outsource all the work. For example, start a social media marketing agency. You don’t have to know much about social media marketing (although it definitely wouldn’t hurt to research it a bit) to start an agency. The hardest part is finding a good freelancer to work with you from Fiverr, Upwork, or through Facebook. So you find a niche that you’d like to work with (i.e., restaurants) and you offer to handle all of their social media. You can offer SEO services, web design, graphic design, anything that you want available in your agency. You offer them a monthly price package, your team does all the work, you oversee and make sure everything is ok, and then you pay your team and you keep the rest. I know some people that do extremely well with this business model and they say that after you get things rolling, it’s easy and doesn’t take much time at all to run.

I hope this list was helpful for you and gave you some ideas on how you can earn money while stuck at home during the Coronavirus! Do you have any ideas you can share?

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