6 Productivity Hacks for Mompreneurs plus a Bonus Tip!

Here are a few productivity hacks for you busy mompreneurs or aspiring mompreneurs!

I know it’s hard to get things done when you’re a busy mom and are also trying to create a little something for yourself online. There are ways to be more efficient, though, so you don’t feel like all you do is “work” on the computer!

Write Down Your Top 3 Money Making Tasks

By money-making tasks, I mean things in your business that are either going to directly or indirectly make you money.

This includes engaging in your Facebook group, producing content for your clients, client outreach, engaging with 20 people every day, adding 20 followers a day on Instagram, etc. Every day do your TOP 3 money-making tasks. As you grow in your business and get used to your routine, add more tasks OR hire them out.

Time Block Your Day

This is pretty much what it sounds like, take blocks of time out of your day and focus on getting done only 1-3 money-making tasks for that time period.

Try to be really focused and get these things done. For many of you, these tasks are going to be done during naptime or after the kiddos are asleep. And that’s ok! This is a season in your life and it won’t last forever.

Remember how you eat an elephant…

Use Trello or Asana to Stay Organized

You can use a free organizer like Asana.com or Trello.com to block off these time periods.

You can also use Trello to create organization boards to store your content, client info, potential client info, etc.

Color code these money-making tasks and make sure you do them every day. These small things are what will help grow your business.

Get the Worst Done First

Some people call this “swallowing the frog,” haha.

If you have something to do that you just reeeeeally don’t want to do…

Try to get it done first and out of your way. You’ll feel accomplished and be motivated to keep doing throughout your day.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

I’ve recently started doing this and it has been extremely helpful!

I’ll put my tasks on my Asana board for the next day and when I get on my computer, I’ll just immediately start checking off my tasks.

Drink Lots of Coffee

I mean… This is how I get a lot of stuff done, isn’t it an essential part of any business owners routine??? haha


If you’re like me, you have the tendency to have 100000 tabs open ALL the time. Once you finish with a tab… CLOSE IT!

It seems like such a simple concept, but if you really don’t need the tab RIGHT NOW or in the next hour, just close the tab.

You can always reopen it if you need it.

What are some of YOUR productivity tips that you’ve found to be helpful? Share in the comments!

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