4 Things To Do First When Starting an Online Business

“How do I start an online business?” This is the question I get almost every day.

This is (obviously!) a LOADED question, but here is what you absolutely have to do first in order to get started.

You have to do these 4 things FIRST:

Decide you’re going to make it work – no matter what.

You have to make a decision that when you find a business model that feels right to you, you are GOING to make it work — no matter what. There is no failing, there is only quitting.

If something isn’t working, you fix it by either researching the problem yourself or getting help. None of this, “Well, I’ll try for a bit, but if it doesn’t work out, oh well….” You do that and you will not reach your goals, I guarantee it.

Only YOU can make the decision that your new venture is GOING to work, come hell or high water. Got it?

You have to SHOW UP and do what it takes, even when it’s hard.

Feel the hard and then do it anyway.

You have to make a conscious decision to fight through the fears, to show up for your audience, to put in the work and yes, the time, especially initially.

If you don’t….

Don’t say that entrepreneurship wasn’t for you, you just didn’t want to make the effort!

You have to constantly ADAPT and GROW.

There are going to be times where being an online entrepreneur is hard, and not going the way you thought.

Facebook will change it’s algorithm yet again and you will have to adapt.

Again — no quitting!

You have to be flexible and resilient to make it in this business, and if you are?

The rewards will be GREAT — I guarantee it.

You can never ever give up.

Most entrepreneurs give up in their first year. I mean, I get it… It’s tough and there are times you will feel you are doing everything right but nothing is happening the way you think it should… #BTDT But you have to make a decision to show up, be consistent, persevere, and I promise you will show traction in your business. Most people give up too soon, and usually right before their business really kicks off. Stick with it!


Does reading this make you feel a bit nervous because you realize how underprepared you are? Don’t worry, I’m here to serve you. Send me a DM and we can talk about how I can give you a plan and a strategy to get started on your online business adventure.

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