10 Side Hustles You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

So we’ve all heard of the “typical” side hustles, right? Multi Level Marketing (blech), driving for Uber or Lift, teaching English to Chinese kids, grocery shopping for people… And many of us have probably tried these side jobs. A couple years ago I delivered food for Uber Eats in the Houston area and I actually thought it was pretty fun! It wasn’t the best money in the world but it helped to pay off our student loan debt that hovered at about $130k at the time.

But for this blog post, I’ve scoured the other “side hustle” blog posts, Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags, Pinterest pins, and YouTube videos, and I’ve come up with 10 that you probably have never heard of before. Or at least I hadn’t heard of them until I found them, and I thought I had heard it all!

Some of them are done purely from your computer while others require a little bit of heavy lifting. But the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Isn’t that how life goes?

1. Start a Print on Demand online business.

This is my personal favorite type of side hustle! I started my Print on Demand side hustle 3 years ago and it has blossomed into an amazing online business that has afforded me to stay home and homeschool our 4 children. I even made close to 6 figures last year and that was with taking almost 6 months off in the middle of the year! Because of the work I had done before, I was able to have passive full-time income that entire time. Pretty cool, huh?

One of the things I love about Print on Demand businesses is there are so many different types of products you can sell. You can sell on Amazon, you can have an Etsy shop, or your own Shopify store… or all of the above! And all with no inventory!

In fact, I love it so much that now my passion is teaching other women (moms in particular!) how to start their own online Print on Demand business. Click here to download my totally FREE Print on Demand Roadmap for all the steps you need to take to get started!

2. Buy a cheap RV and rent it out on Outdoorsy.

Now this one might sound a bit crazy to some people, or maybe you’re thinking you don’t have an RV so this side hustle isn’t for you… But hear me out. The idea is to buy a cheap RV that you can fix up (or that is already fixed up but affordable) from somewhere like CraigsList, take nice pictures of it, and post your RV on Outdoorsy. Outdoorsy is like the AirBnB of RV rentals. People can rent your RV by the night, week, or month and you set the price! Camper vans also seem to rent out well, too.

Now these rental prices aren’t cheap either, some normal looking RVs rent for over $200 a night! Of course the rental price is going to differ greatly depending on where you’re located, but this side hustle has the potential to earn you some major $$$. Buy several RVs, rent them out, and you’re talking about an awesome business. I guess the only caveat is you’d either need land to store your RV on or a lot you can rent to park it when it’s not in use. Either way this still is a great, lesser known side hustle!

eBay resellers unite!

3. Buy cheap and sell high on eBay.

Some people think that the only folks that sell on eBay are those just looking to get rid of a few clothes, shoes, or odds and ends around the house but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can make bank on eBay!

I sold clothes and random things I found at Goodwill on eBay for several months a couple years ago and it was great. I was easily earning $1000 a month that only took me a few hours a week to do. One time I found an Yves Saint Laurent top for $1 at a thrift store and sold it for over $100 on eBay! Nicole State is on Instagram and she’s grown her business to well over 6 figures selling on eBay and Poshmark!

You don’t have to sell just clothes, either (although they’re my favorite because the shipping is so lightweight). Toys, games, electronics, handbags all do well on eBay.

If you’d like to learn more about reselling online, check out The Flea Market Flipper. He has a free webinar that shows you how to get started!

4. Start a digital agency.

I mentioned starting a digital agency in a previous post, but I thought I’d mention it again here because the business model seems pretty awesome.

You can start a digital agency for kind of online skill, just about. Digital marketing, graphic design, copywriting, SEO, social media marketing, website development. Any kind of service that a business wants or needs, your agency steps in and fills in that gap. It’s better if you have a “niche” business that you specialize in, I’ve heard. For example, market yourself to car dealerships, restaurants, boutiques, hair salons. Give them a package deal and then you hire out all the work that needs to be done and you keep the profit.

I’ve heard the most difficult part about this side hustle would be finding a great team to work with, but after you find them, it’s pretty smooth sailing. My friend Chanel Morales actually teaches other women how to start a digital agency of their own with her 12 week online business program. She says she only works 20 hours a week or so on her digital agency yet earns full-time income!

5. Become a Notary Loan Signing Agent.

Now this sounds like a cool job that can earn you some serious cash just working part-time! From what I understand, you need to get your notary license first and then you take a course to learn how to become a Notary Loan Signing Agent. They’re the people that are there to help you fill out all the forms when you sign your new mortgage to your house or when you sell your house.

Earn up to $200 per loan signing!

We had a mobile signing agent come out to our house after we bought it and I loved it because it was so convenient. She was only here for 30 mins but she charged $200! I imagine just doing a few signings a week and you’re making good money.

There’s even an online course you can take that walks you through ever step of the way to becoming a Loan Signing Agent. Sound like your cup of tea? Head over here for a free training!

6. Help people move with Dolly.

If you have a strong man in the family, signing up at Dolly.com to help people move might be a great side hustle for him! You sign up on the site and you get alerts when people in your area need help moving, need furniture delivered, or some other task that requires heavy lifting.

Now this goes without saying but make sure you are in good physical shape if you start this side hustle. Though it could make for a great workout!

You start out at around $15/hr if you just have your hands to offer, but you can make over $30/hr if you have a truck you can offer as well.

7. Offer a cooking class, city tour, or excursion on AirBnB.

Everyone knows about renting out your house or a room on AirBnb, but something they recently added was Experiences and Adventures. You can offer an awesome experience for tourists in your city and you get to pick your price and what you’d like to offer!

I’ve seen everything from ethnic cooking classes, photography services (particularly in demand if you live near a beach), farm animal visits, city tours, tastes of the town tours, horseback riding, deep sea fishing… Anything you can come up with you can offer! Most of these experiences are $100+ per person so it would make a great side hustle for anyone who loves to meet new people and show them around!

8. Teach web classes on Outschool.

Outschool is a relatively new platform that markets toward the homeschooled/unschooled crowd. Teachers are able to teach anything they want to teach! Classes are taught through your webcam and the students are also on webcam. You have the typical academic courses but then there are lots of other classes as well… Harry Potter, equine care, creative writing, cooking, book clubs, even Fortnite fun.

Most classes are taught during the day but you can also teach in the evening as well. My daughters have taken a couple classes on Outschool and they were great experiences!

9. Start a digital downloads shop on Etsy.

Want to have an Etsy shop but don’t want to deal with making crafts or dealing with inventory? Starting a digital downloads shop is a great option and it’s so easy to do. You create something once with a design software like Canva, save, and upload directly to your Etsy shop listing. You set your price and every time someone purchases your digital product, they immediately receive it and download! Again, you make something one time and you earn money on it for ages to come.

Here are just a few examples of digital products for sale on Etsy

There are so many different kinds of digital products that you could make and sell including wall art, t-shirt designs, planners, mockups, educational content for kids, photographs, and so much more. For an add on service you could put digital wall art on posters that can be printed and shipped straight from Printful.com!

You can even offer personalized digital downloads like birthday or wedding invitations, family wall art, Instagram posts (yes, you can sell Instagram/FB/Pinterest graphics!), or even social media pregnancy announcements. What could you create and sell digitally?

Click here and get 40 FREE listings when you open your brand spankin’ new Etsy shop!

10. Start an online bookkeeping business.

Yes, you can start an online bookkeeping business with no previous accounting experience! Ok, yes, you’ll probably want to take a course on how to actually keep a business’ books and all that, but it’s an excellent side hustle that could easily turn into full-time income.

QuickBooks offers a free Accountant membership and also has thorough training on how to use their site as a bookkeeper.

Since online business and e-commerce is becoming so common nowadays, why not start a bookkeeping business just for e-commerce stores? Or Amazon FBA sellers? Or digital nomads? No need to stay local, with online bookkeeping you can serve people all over the world.

If you think you need a little handholding with this, check out Bookkeepers.com. They have one of the best rated courses for beginners in bookkeeping!

Side hustles are pretty important if you are looking to be debt free or obtain financial independence. And in many cases, these side gigs turn into full fledged business that you can grow and scale. I hope these side hustle ideas were unique and gave you something to think about! But the most important thing is to take action!

See ya on the next blog post.

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